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All our partners who provide virtual assistant services are bound by a code of conduct that is monitored by a professional standards panel.  We expect all our virtual assistant partners to adhere to our code of conduct with every client. This means that you will only receive virtual assistant services from professionals who are committed to Respect, Competence, Responsibility and Integrity. You can refer issues to the professional standards panel if you feel that the code has been breached in any way.Learn More
Concentrate on what you do best and let our virtual assistants do the rest by providing you with high quality virtual assistant services [start the recruitment process now]. Peter Drucker some years ago stated that business owners should just focus on marketing and innovation, all the rest is just noise. You can leave the mundane to our experts! We offer a full range of virtual assistant services and make them available to you, including admin, marketing, graphic design, bookkeeping, virtual reception, web support, social media and more…  Learn More
Unlike job boards such as O Desk or Freelancer, we really care about matching your needs with the right virtual assistant. Our service is free because our virtual assistants who are part of the network support the service. This means that we can offer you a wonderful, stress-free personal recruitment service. We take your brief and match your needs to our extensive network, we then send you 2-3 profiles of suitable virtual partners for you to interview and select the right one for the virtual assistant services you require.Start Here

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We can’t list all our virtual assistant partners here Because we have lots! just those who are looking for clients at the moment and have a range of skills and services anything you can do in an office really! that allow you to build an amazing business.